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The German model: the state and the market in health care reform

Publication Type: chapter in book      Source: Ranade, W (ed) Markets and Health Care. A comparative analysis, Harlow: Longman
Date: 1998       Link:,1144,0582289858,00.html

Social Policy in Germany
Clasen, J and Freeman, R (eds)

An introduction to, and detailed analysis of, social policy provision in Germany. A specially selected team of authors look at the historical development of social policy in Germany; the framework for policy making today; the main areas of social policy (social security, healthcare, social services, education and housing), and perspectives on gender and race. Combines social, economic, political and historical contexts with details of the main service areas.

Publication Type: book      Source: Hemel Hempstead: Harvester Wheatsheaf
Date: 1994

The German Social State: an introduction
Freeman, R and Clasen, J

Publication Type: chapter in book      Source: Clasen, J and Freeman, R (eds) Social Policy in Germany, Hemel Hempstead: Harvester Wheatsheaf
Date: 1994


Prevention in health policy in the Federal Republic of Germany

The comparative study of what tend to be regarded as marginal questions of health policy, such as prevention, is developing slowly. This case study covers important developments in preventive policy making in the Federal Republic of Germany in the period 1968-1990. The paper is intended both as a descriptive summary of institutional arrangements for prevention in health and as a preliminary analytical essay. It considers the evolving positional interests of federal and state governments, the public health service, the sickness insurance funds and the medical profession. It looks in detail at constitutional conflict over prevention at the end of the 1960s, at the progressivism of health policy conceptions of the early 1970s, at the liberal conservatism which characterised the 1980s and at the place of prevention in health care reform legislation. It refers to responses to HIV and AIDS and comments on the extent to which the circumstances of preventive policy making in health have changed with unification. The paper concludes by discussing the importance of the German case in developing ideas about the role played by prevention in health politics.

Publication Type: journal paper      Source: Policy and Politics 22 (1) 3-16
Date: 1994       Link: