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Richard Freeman

postdoctoral fellows

Christophe Dubois worked on restorative justice at Edinburgh in 2009-2010, and is now at the University of Liege, Belgium. - website

Ellen Grootegoed was a Chrystal Macmillan Fellow in Social Policy 2013-2014, conducting a study of emotional labour in the administration of austerity.

Darcy Leigh is Teaching Fellow on the Doing Politics project at the Academy of Government. - website

Ann-Charlotte Nedlund came to the School for a few weeks in early 2014 to develop ideas about disability and citizenship. She works at the Centre for Dementia Research (CEDER) in the National Centre for Priority-Setting in Health Care at Linköping University - website

Stefanie Schmachtel worked on a method of practice-based comparison for a project on local governance in education, and now teaches at the University of Jena. - website

Katherine Smith held an ESRC/MRC Fellowship and is now Reader in the Global Public Health Unit, University of Edinburgh. - website

Jen Smith-Merry worked on the KNOWandPOL project 2007-2011. She was formerly Research Fellow at the Australian Health Policy Institute, and is now Senior Lecturer in Qualitative Health Research at the University of Sydney - website

Dawit Wondimagegn is a psychiatrist working in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He spent 3 months in Edinburgh at the end of 2008, as Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre of African Studies. - website

current doctoral students

Martina Karels studied and worked in theatre in New York, and is now working on the production and performance of public memory in respect of the site at Ground Zero. - website

Michal Sedlacko is on the doctoral programme in Sociology at the Institut für höhere Studien, Vienna and is working on the knowledge practices of public servants in sustainable food consumption policy - website

Mabutho Shangase worked in the Department of Health in Pretoria and then at the National Youth Commission before moving to the Independent Development Trust. He is now working on ways of conceptualising policy making in South Africa. - website

Arno Simons is Research Associate in the Innovation in Governance Research Group at the Technische Universität in Berlin, and is interested in the role of documents in the construction of political reality - website

Renske Vos is working on the way bureaucrats in Brussels hold the worlds of law and politics together in negotiating European military interventions. - website

former doctoral students

Nur Abdelkhaliq studied the European Commission's implementation of the external dimension of immigration policy. In 2009-2010, she was Research Assistant on the EC-funded project 'Multilateralism and the EU in the Contemporary Global Order (MERCURY)'. - website

Rosie Anderson worked for the BBC and the Royal Society of Arts, and then as Policy and Research Manager for Community Matters in London. Her doctoral thesis was an ethnographic study of emotion in the policy work of a Scottish NGO. - website

Kate Bilton worked on gender mainstreaming and the Scottish Executive and is now working at the Home Office in London.

Viola Burau researched the occupational governance of nursing in Britain and Germany and is now Associate Professor of Public Policy, University of Aarhus, Denmark. - website

Rosalind Cavaghan is a former consultant who developed the concept of gender knowledge to account for different patterns of gender mainstreaming in Europe. She was a visiting scholar at Humboldt University, Berlin, and is now a Marie Curie Fellow at Radboud University, Nijmegen. - website

Olga Dimova worked on the sociology and politics of mental health care for young people in the justice system in Russia.

Oliver Escobar studied the work of professional 'engagers' in public participation processes. He is a former Public Engagement fellow at Edinburgh Beltane and was Project Officer for the University's Public Policy Network. - website

Alistair Hunter wrote about the return migration of workers from Algeria and Senegal who have settled in Paris. He is currently Research Fellow on a project investigating the role of the social sciences in shaping public understanding of immigrant integration. - website

Zoe Keddie completed her PhD on communication patterns and the domestication of information technology in general practice while working at the Audit Commission in London.

Yu-Kang Lee wrote about the Third Way and is now Assistant Professor at National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan.

Darcy Leigh explored the possibilities of a post-liberal agency among participants in higher education projects in the Canadian Arctic, and is now Teaching Fellow on the Doing Politics project at the Academy of Government. - website

Victoria Loughlan wrote about the construction of space in peace-building, drawing on fieldwork at the UN and in Timor-Leste. She is now Strategic Assessment Architect at the Scottish Government. - website

Jo Maybin worked previously as a social affairs analyst for BBC News and is now Fellow in health policy at the King's Fund in London. She held a Bernard Crick Fellowship at Edinburgh, where her doctoral research analysed ways of knowing in policy work in England's Department of Health. - website

Andrew McFadyen is a journalist and former Head of Communications for the Scottish Labour Party. His doctoral thesis assessed Donald Dewar's role in Scottish devolution.

Natalie Papanastasiou drawing on both public policy and political geography, used the concept of scale to think about the formation and development of Academy Schools in England. She is now working on a Horizon 2020 project which compares youth smoking prevention policies in 7 European countries. - website

Evgeniya Plotnikova worked at research centres in Perm and Moscow, and completed an internship at the ILO in Geneva. Her doctoral research investigated the role of bilateral agreements in international staff recruitment to the NHS. She is now Research Fellow in the Global Public Health Unit at Edinburgh. - website

Claire Smerdon wrote about the changing conception of wilderness in Canadian identity, using material from pre- and post-war school books. - website

Ellen Stewart studied young adults' participation in health care decision making in Scotland, while also working on a government-funded evaluation of elections to Health Boards. - website

Catherine-Rose Stocks-Rankin completed her thesis on creating, implementing and resisting the National Care Homes Contract in Scotland and is now Head of Impact and Engagement at IRISS. - website

Jonathan Suk is currently Scientific Officer at the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and is researching the international governance of infectious disease. - website

Betsy Super wrote about Democratic Party workers in Boston, and is now Senior Director of Research and Development at the American Political Science Association. - website

Claire Sutherland wrote about neo-nationalist ideology in Scotland and Bavaria and now teaches Politics at the University of Manchester.

postdoctoral fellows

Postdocs and other research fellows come to Edinburgh to write and to develop new projects. They become part of academic communities both here and abroad, and many also make valuable contacts with policy makers and practitioners in government and beyond.

doctoral students

Most postgraduate students working on policy also have some experience of working in policy, whether for government or other organizations. This is where they find some of their most challenging and practice-relevant topics. For the same reason, many also study and research part-time, whether for MSc or PhD.

working at Edinburgh

Get in touch if you'd like to talk about doing doctoral or postdoctoral research at Edinburgh, in any of the subjects and centres in the Graduate School. Just use the contact button on the menu page, above.

postgraduate and postdoctoral
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