Social Science and Public Policy

Richard Freeman

is a Phil Hanlon thing...
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Andrew Merry, photographer
Mez took some of the photos used on this site. See more of his work here...
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is an Open University centre for research on the manifold connections between notions of citizenship, processes of identity formation and practices of governance in the contemporary world...
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Christian Bueger
works on the epistemic foundations of global order, attempting to combine insights from international relations theory and theories of global governance with contemporary practice theory, new (French) pragmatism and science studies...
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Critical Policy Studies
brings contemporary theoretical and methodological discussions, both normative and empirical, to bear on the understanding and analysis of public policy, at local, national and global levels.
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Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma
HPRT is a research-based organization which provides care to survivors living in Massachusetts as well as clinical support to programmes across the world. See the draft papers 'Representing trauma' and 'Policy opportunities' elsewhere on this site.
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Innovation in Governance
is a research group based at TU Berlin.
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is the Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health.
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