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Richard Freeman

Scottish Drugs Policy Conversations

AoG offers a space for stakeholders to talk about the development of drugs policy in Scotland...

The practice programme

connects postgraduate research in the School of Social and Political Science to the worlds of work beyond the academy...

Exchange Fellowships

at the Academy of Government provide a framework in which professionals and practitioners work with an academic counterpart on a joint project...

Mental health policy: 'learning what we know'

Our work in the KNOWandPOL project described the process by which the mental health policy community in Scotland and in Europe comes to 'know what it knows'...


The Policy Impact and Knowledge Exchange Network (PIKEN) brought together early career researchers from local and national government, the third sector and universities across Scotland in a series of meetings in 2009-2010 to explore the relationship between research and policy: for more, click on the header above.

Mental Health Conversations

The Public Policy Network's Mental Health Conversations were about the way we experience and respond to mental health and illness, both as individuals and as a society...


How should we engage with the communities of which we are part, other than by teaching and doing research?

One way is by going out and speaking at conferences and in organisations, talking to people about what we do (and what they do).

Another way is by bringing people into the university, to share what it offers more widely. Our dialogues, exchange fellowships and public sessions at the Academy of Government promote the university as a place for informed talk among diverse participants in the academy and the city, across Scotland and beyond.

Richard Freeman has worked with organisations in Scotland, Europe and the US, including the Scottish Development Centre for Mental Health, the City of Edinburgh Council, a Scottish Government National Reference Group, a WHO Europe Working Group, the US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma, the Pittsburgh Conference on Social Inclusion and the Transformation of Mental Health Services, and the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease.

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